How to delete bookmarks on a mac using firefox

Use this only as a last resort.

Delete the profile to remove all saved information. In order for this to work, you have to close Firefox first and any Firefox extensions that may be running in the background.

Follow the above steps for Windows 7 or Bookmarks can always be renamed. Using a shorter name than the default version should also make it easier to find when using the search function in your bookmark manager.

Give your Firefox bookmarks the Tinder treatment

Click on the bookmark that leads to your desired website. Click the star icon to open the edit menu. From the dialog box that appears, you can change the name and the folder assigned to the bookmark.

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You can also add or change the tags associated with it. You can also change or update the URL of a saved bookmark. Right click on the bookmark that you want to edit and select Properties. Type or copy the new address in the Location field. I would like to get rid of some and have not been able to figure out how to delete individual bookmarks from the drop down list.

How to Edit and Delete Bookmarks on the iPad

Can you tell me how to do this? To delete a single bookmark in Firefox, visit the bookmarked page you're wanting to remove.

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When you are on the page you will see a blue star in the upper right hand corner of Firefox. This star denotes the page as a favorite or a bookmark.

Click the star and you will be given the option to remove the bookmark. If you want to manage multiple bookmarks in Firefox, simply click on the bookmark button next to the star and click Show All Bookmarks.

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This will bring up a window where you can organize and delete bookmarks. Is there a way to install Microsoft Windows 8.