Unbind mac from open directory

All computers imaged from that master image will use the same computer object in Active Directory, which may cause problems.

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If you later remove the computer object, all of the Mac OS X computers will be unable to log in with Active Directory user accounts, and you will need to force an unbind, then rebind each computer to Active Directory. Examples of the searches and replies for a few of the SRV records necessary to bind to Active Directory are shown below:. The host option -t SRV specifies a search of type SRV , and the queries are for various services that are available via the protocol tcp as opposed to udp in the domain pretendco. The key thing to notice is the port number and host offering the service.

This example forest is very simple, and the same host offers all the services windows-server1. However, the port number is different for each service, as shown here:. After performing SRV requests to find the hosts and ports that offer the required services, you can use telnet to open a connection to a specific port, to verify that you can make a basic connection to each service port.

OS X Active Directory Integration – How to Bind a Mac to AD

There may be network monitoring processes that perceive as hostile the network traffic you generate to test access to the services, so coordinate with your network and Active Directory administrators before using these techniques. Below are two examples of using telnet to connect to a port, and the replies from the service.

Mac OS X fully supports Active Directory Sites, which allows directory administrators to associate specific domain controllers with specific networks. When you bind a Mac OS X client computer to an Active Directory domain, this kicks off a complicated series of events, shown in the next figure.

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Understanding the process can help you isolate any problem that might crop up. Click to view larger image.

When binding, you must provide an Active Directory user name and password. If the computer object already exists, the user whom you specify must have write access to the computer object. By default a regular Active Directory user can join and create a computer object only ten times.

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After that, you will get an error. Here are some workarounds for this limitation:. You can unbind from Active Directory with either the Directory Utility application or the dsconfigad command with the -r option. If you cannot communicate with the Active Directory service, you can force the unbind.

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  • If you force the unbind and the computer object that Mac OS X was using still exists in Active Directory, you can use Active Directory tools to remove the computer object. A related guide: Using advanced Active Directory options in a configuration profile. Does binding the Mac to the domain force the user to login with their AD credentials? How to debug this?

    Unbinding From A Dead Open Directory - Apple Community

    Any log files? I tried with sudo odutil set log debug but on Mojave it doesn't create any log file. Is there special syntax associated with the -u and -p for unbinding? I don't want to force unbind leaving cruft in AD.

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    I keep getting "Invalid Credentials supplied to remove the bound server" I've tried:. I believe bash is messing with my credentials Ignore Learn more.

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