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How to type a Pound symbol (£) in word (with shortcut)

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  1. How to type a Pound symbol (£) in word (with shortcut)?
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How Do I Insert a British Pound Symbol? | It Still Works

Everything new in iOS MacRumors The symbol derives from a capital " L ", representing libra pondo , the basic unit of weight in the Roman Empire , which in turn is derived from the Latin word, libra , meaning scales or a balance. The pound became an English unit of weight and in England became defined as the tower pound equivalent to grams of sterling silver. It is not known for certain when the horizontal line or lines, which indicate an abbreviation, first came to be drawn through the L.

However, the simple letter L, in lower- or uppercase, was used to represent the pound sterling in printed books and newspapers until well into the 19th century. The pound sign is placed before the number e. In American English, the term "pound sign" usually refers to the symbol , and the corresponding telephone key is called the "pound key".

In the eighteenth-century Caslon metal fonts, the pound sign was identical to the italic capital " J " rotated degrees. From to , Bank of England banknotes used this two bars style as a pound sign but since then has only used the single bar style.

The story behind the missing hash symbol, hashtag or number key

These have respective code points:. Some fonts [ which? The Atari ST also used position x9C. But the advertisement notes that "We make special keyboards containing symbols, fractions, signs, etc. In the punched card era, equipment sold for commercial data processing in the UK needed not only to represent the pound sign, but also to handle pre-decimal currency pounds, shillings, and pence, including halfpennies and farthings. Many home computer systems from the eighties have the pound sign integrated in their character set:. In Windows, it can also be generated through the Alt keycodes , although the results vary depending on factors such as the locale, codepage and OS version:.

The logo of the UK Independence Party , a British political party, is based on the pound sign, [10] symbolising the party's opposition to adoption of the euro and to the European Union generally. A symbol that appears to be a double-barred pound sign is used as the logo of the British record label Parlophone.

How to Type the British Pound Symbol in Mac

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Thanks that's great for work but for home - what if you don't have a number pad on your laptop? Nothing happens at all when I do that. For some reason you can also use that alt and Fn combo with also, why?

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