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I actually don't buy foreign branded makeup from bazaars unless that specific store is already recommended by other trusted beauty bloggers. Sabi mo nga if it's too good to be true, it probably is. As much as I would really want a great deal, hindi na lang ako bumibili and pag-iipunan ang mas expensive na lang and buy from the mall if it would be the case I remember an online shop pa nga from facebook, she admitted naman na singapore authentic yung mac niya pero pinaglalaban niya na walang difference yun sa original and LAHAT DAW NG MAC gawa sa singapore mas nakamura daw siya kasi doon siya sa supplier msimo kumuha.

And I was like, WTF. Sorry, nag-rant ako I hate fake makeup sellers din. Okay lang naman pero sana sinasabi nila na na lang upfront na they sell fake LOL :P.

Gellie: That is so true. I have nothing against these people, as they're trying to earn decently by selling. It's better than theft, IMO. But like what you've said, there are still people who buy fake products, so might as well admit they're fake. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If it's fake then they just sell it as that Gosh, I know someone who's dealing MAC products at a lower price. She's so convincing but I have second thoughts. Thanks for pointing this out, Ms.


Will be careful about this one. Thanks talaga. Gellie, I can relate to your story. I dont get what they mean by 'singapore authentic'. It doesnt even make sense.

The first time I encountered the term, I was trying to buy perfume. Tapos nung sinabi nya na singapore authentic, backout na agad ako.

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When a product is authentic, it's authentic everywhere. Martha, ang hirap pala talaga to determine kung fake or not esp if you buy online. Kelangan meron ka talaga nung original packaging. What's even more scary is, what if they started buying original cases and refill it with fake pans. That's a possibility. I know they are, cause of their prices.

This is very helpful ms. And such posts are helpful. Kaya ako, whenever I buy products, especially cosmetics, I always research on how to spot fake items and reviews of a certain seller. Pero pag di ko na talaga madetermine, yung mas mahal na lang, sa malls or stores mismo. I had headache comparing the fake and authentic mac products. God, true. Fake products now are really getting better like original physically, not the quality though.

I dont really get it, why do they have to produced fake products. It's better to have a "mac-inspired" products rather than fake mac. Just like the MEMEME cosmetics, the blushes are "benefit inspired" but you can't call them fake because they had established their own brnd name Btw, thanks for postng it.

So far, haven't got fake macs yet. I've been staring at the photos on your post and I can easily be fooled. The only product I buy online is NYX but only from reputable sellers. Singapore authentic?

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Where did they get the idea to tag their products as SG authentic? Hope to see photos of fake vs authentic ones too. No to fake cosmetics! Supporting fake products in general is like supporting child and human trafficking as well. Fake mac lipsticks melts faster than the authentic ones.. I heard they smell different.. This should be sticky! I mentioned you by the way in my latest blog post..

Nice to see comments from new readers here, and I'm loving the conversation. My god lang talaga ha. I'll check it too. I will go check. Thanks for the heads up on how to spot the fake MAC products. I've learned my lesson well regarding the MAC lipsticks. It's really nice to find more bloggers talking about this and warning their readers about these kind of sellers.

I'm planning to buy MAC cosmetics for my boss this week and I don't want to be lured into getting this fake ones.

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Nakakahiya yun pag nagkataon! Very very helpful post. Beauty bloggers really help each other! More power! I don't know why they have to fake MAC Cosmetics and other high end branded makeup for that matter.. So they could attract buyers with the ridiculously cheap price and with name? The people they've embezzled could have their skin condition ruined because of their fraud.. Thanks for this post by the way, now we're aware of how can we detect fake products :D. Grabe, nagkalat na sila!

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Meron pa nga akong nakita lumabas na fake from different collections ng Mac. Thank you for this post! I don't know how to spot fake mac from authentic ones.. I received a pencil case-like MAC collection. It includes eyeshadow, gloss, mascara and another one. It all came from the US. I also received another lipstick and a MAC brand as well.

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I hope, it's not fake after all.. Rose: hello and welcome to TBJ! Just buy from MAC na lang. Well, it's still business and money. And what sucks is, people care about these than other people. Yep, nagkalat po ang mga fake mac products online, they keep on saying na from Singapore nga daw po kaya mas mura. Thank you for sharing this once again Ms. Mahirap palang i-distinguish ang fake sa original at first. Buti nalang bloggers are very 'mausisa' and you guys really know that REAL ones. Good thing wala akong MAC lol I hope to get clearer photos of it! I just recently bought "MAC" mascara from a Facebook shop.

I KNOW now that that move was very stupid.

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I'm not very knowledgeable with make-up products, so when I saw this cheap "MAC" mascara, I went for it. I didn't even know people made fake MAC products. Plus, on top of that, when I asked someone I know who has real MAC products she said some people sell them cheap bc they might have gotten them directly from blah blah.