Opengl tutorial for mac os x

This is the first decent tutorial that worked for me. Its a pitty that there is no other on this blog. That is a very simple and useful tutorial.

SDL, OpenGL, GLSL on the Mac and Linux

Could you tell me how to integrate this with iOS? What would be an equivalent technique to display this triangle on an iPhone? You're so awesome! Thank you for this simple and quick tutorial! I only had a couple of slight differences with mine : how to add the OpenGL and GLUT frameworks and making main's argv argument not const since it is by default. Given that my long-term memory tends to fill up with such useful tidbits as "My phone number when I was 6" or "the complete lyrics to the DoodleBear TV jingle" rather than any recollection of how I got this working, I thought I'd record the instructions here.

Alternatively, you can register as a developer with Apple, and download a free copy. Once XCode is installed, you can either use spotlight and search for XCode, or look on the Mac hard drive in the folder "Developer". Choose a name for your project.

You'll see three files automatically generated for you, one of which is "main. If you click on "main. Just to make sure everything's OK with your xcode installation, click the Build and Run button.


It should give you a cheerful message like "Succeeded" at the lower right of the screen. There's two UI libraries in the Apple world. They have similarities but they're different enough to be a challenge. The big overall thing is tha. No, hardware vendors have to re-implement OpenGL in their custom drivers because Microsoft refused to do it. Of course they have to do that, how do you expect Microsoft to write an implementation of OpenGL for every vendor's hardware?

This is also why the free software drivers lag the proprietary ones, because the free software devs are trying to write an OpenGL implementation for hardware that they don't have the full specifications for. Apple's pale imitation of Vulkan is not standard and never will be.

What we have is, alienating developers and users at the same time. Good job. Mantle came before Vulkan. Mantle came before Metal. Apple knew that the Vulcan standard was in development and idiotically forked Metal from it. Vulcan is a standard, Metal is not. Metal is just a piece of proprietary crap, that does not have the broad, consistent feature set of Vulkan and does not have the developer mind share or the application base.

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Mantle will descend further into crapland while Vulkan goes on to new amazing achievements. Have you seen the demos? Have you seen the shipping games? Can you spell "Doom"? Metal was in development for several years before its first release in That's not quite accurate: Developers can port games to from Macs to Windows? We need those platform exclusives! I figured they went with OpenGL because at least that way they would get in on the cross-platform games and only lose out on the DirectX games.

They supported OpenGL because that's what all the "workstation" applications wanted.

Compiling opengles 2.0 on mac os x

Apple is doing a lot to help many scientific libraries adopt Metal instead of OpenGL, because it provides more modern GPU support and improves performance. Only on Slashdot could Apple helping give the scientific community performance gains with existing hardware be considered "throwing away the scientific community". Not to mention that Slashdot, a supposedly technical community, seems to have forgotten what "deprecate" even means. It might even be after It's absolute fact that moving to Metal yields performance gains over the same code in OpenGL.

So how can you claim it does not improve performance?

OpenGL Tutorial 1 - Setup GLEW and GLFW in Xcode

How can you claim better performance does not help scientific research, which typically has budgetary constraints? On Apple hardware, sure, it yields performance gains. However, given the budgetary constraints you mentioned, how many cash-strapped scientific programs in need of solid GPU performance are going to opt for Apple, especially when the GPU s in the. However, given the budgetary constraints you mentioned, how many cash-strapped scientific programs in need of solid GPU performance are going to opt for Apple.

Xcode setup for Learn OpenGL Tutorials

Plenty when they can use eGPU based systems so they don't have to spend a ton on the core computer, yet still get the lower administration cost, and stability of a UNIX based system. If you want performance for machine learning then now the best approach is really to exploit volta tensor cores using CUDA, so target platforms are Windows or Linux locally or cloud. Metal is certainly not the best approach for machine learning performance unless you're limited to macOS with mac supported hardware. At some point, apple bet big on OpenCL on the mac, even by rewriting big chuncks of the OS to use it.

Anyone remembers grand central dispatch? But I guess they got tired of waititng for the standards bodies to deliver the functionality they needed, and just as they did with PCIe Solid state storage, they developed their own technology and went their separate way. Still, sad to see this happen, as going metal only no OpenCL, no OpenGL and no Vulkan means less games for my mac, and less support for a true multiplatform standard.

Your OS choices are Windows less supported by the open source community , Linux less supported by AMD's video driver , or on macOS unsupported by Apple's hardware who's flagship server was last updated by Steve Jobs [wikipedia.

Building on Windows

Apple seems to nibble to death it's karma it has with opinion leaders, i. This could spell trouble for projects like Blender and Xonotic. Could be that I might be staying away from new Apple hardware for good. While Metal is a good clean break from all the legacy baggage being locked into a proprietary API is not good for anyone.

This should be used as exhibit A any time someone tries to cast doubt over whether Apple have gone completely fucking batshit loco. I know a lot of people running MMOs on Macs because there's cross platform support. There's a big enough demand for this that some games even added official support for Macs. It being Apple, they could throw a bigger fit and forbid it, but at least it's possible that OS dropping support may mean nothing in practice. Well the implementation generally came in the form of an MCD anyway and the obvious progression was to move to an ICD model the same as is done on Linux especially as hardware became more complex so vendors could implement the OpenGL spec for their own hardware.

Apple always lagged in OpenGL support, it's never been very good. This argument could be applied to directx too but microsoft still shipped directx with windows. Of course they do, they are the vendor of DirectX and the platforms on which it is supported so it makes sense for them to ship it, the actual hardware implementation is still supplied by the hardware vendor though. There will be no more support for cross-platform games on the Mac, then, I guess.

Until someone makes a translation layer that will translate OpenGL calls to Metal, that is. If Apple follows their standard game plan, no apps that translation layers not available in source form will be allowed on the platform. Fortunately, Valve has convinced MoltenVK [wikipedia. Collectively that's a larger market than Windows and Linux. And Linux is the smallest market of the bunch. So instead of helping to develop Vulkan they go off and make their own thing which will basically make games less likely to support Mac?

It's just as bad as Microsoft pushing DirectX as only Windows. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Computer Science is the only discipline in which we view adding a new wing to a building as being maintenance -- Jim Horning. Follow Slashdot stories on Twitter. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. In macOS Games and graphics-intensive apps that use OpenGL should now adopt Metal.

PCGamer reports that several developers have expressed disappointment over the decision. This discussion has been archived.