Mac mini g4 tiger vs leopard

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Thanks for the story. Might save me abundle as I add new machiines and want to mesh with the old ones. The function works but without the astounding graphic FX! Indeed I saw a performance increase after I installed Core image is another issue. I really wish Apple would address all of our concerns a FAQ maybe? Tiger is running like butter on this machine.

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Will Leopard fade this improvement? To hope for the same OS performance from a much older Mac as a new one and call it bad news when it does not happen is odd. Sooner or later new OS X releases will be for Intel only. I would anticipate Leopard will be around for 2 years, then Just a guess. Name required.

Unsurprisingly—as this version is a universal binary—the MacBook Pro ran the presentation much faster in iWork '08's Keynote: 7 seconds.

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger vs Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on Mac mini G4 1.42GHz 1GB RAM

But on the PowerBook, the new version of Keynote needed 22 seconds to go through the same presentation. These figures could certainly support an argument that iWork '08 is less optimized for the PowerPC than iWork ' However, I don't think that's the answer. I suspect it's simply the extra features that require extra work.

On the MacBook Pro, the extra work is more than made up for by being able to run native Intel code, but on the PowerPC the extra work means everything is just slower. The important thing to remember is that Leopard is an operating system, not an application. I wouldn't be surprised if some Leopard versions of the applications that come bundled with Mac OS X run slower than their Tiger counterparts, but I can't think of any new features that would slow down existing applications. Edit: Objective C 2. Some past implementations of GC have sometimes been slow, but there's no reason to think that GC is likely to cause problems on older hardware.

Almost all 3rd party software is unsupported as well, only a few notable exceptions like e. VLC player are still maintained. What the G4 does run are old versions of OS X Under Leopard it can run some relatively recent apps like iTunes Under Tiger it can also run older "Classic" apps, i. It cannot directly run Mac OS 9 or earlier. It can be used as a general purpose desktop computer if you can stomach the low speed and limited abilities. You can run Safari 5 and iTunes 10, but they will be slow. Browsing is usable, but only a really old Flash plugin and old Java versions will work.

Together with the older browser versions this means that your data can be easily compromised, so take care. Probably nobody will bother to write specific PPC malware, but I would not use my credit card or other sensitive data on this machine. As for watching video it can only play back SD and lower bit rate p. Full HD aka p video is out.

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Luckily the latest version of VLC player runs - on Leopard. It can be used to run old Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X software that might still be useful: a variety of old games there are many , special purpose software some of the synthesizer stuff is excellent and curiosities like those funny screen savers. Actually the mini is probably the best option for those, as it is small, low power, can use modern peripherals like a HD monitor and USB keyboards and mice.

It also has no unusual components that break easily. As an alternative desktop OS the most usable will be a Linux. It might work as a firewall if you connect a USB 2. I did not try this.

Most important for performance is the RAM. CPU clock speed can be 1. A bit of over clocking is also possible but requires electronics skills and serious risk tolerance cutting SMT resistors. It cannot output different content on the two ports, so there is really just one logical output. The original hard disk is a 40GB or 80GB 2. Smaller drives cost almost the same new. The optical drive seems to be the least reliable component of the mini and also sounds like it chews on the disks.

Although it can be very useful for OS installs, consider whether you really need an internal optical disk at all. Replacing the hard disk or optical drive is fairly easy, much easier than on a modern Mac mini. Note that if you replace the optical drive with a modern component you may run into problems - I did. The G4 uses cable select on a small riser board.

Upgrading the OS from Tiger to Leopard

I you know more, please contact me. Also there is an optional modem port. The FireWire port can be used with some older devices like disks or digital video recorders. The FireWire port is very useful since it can be utilized to boot from an external disk or boot the Mac into target disk mode see below. There are two USB 2. Note that the Mac mini can by default not boot from a USB device. If you feel comfortable entering cryptic Open Firmware commands, there is the possibility to boot from an USB disk by setting the boot drive to an USB device with Open Firmware see below.

It doesn't seem to work with all disks though.

Tutorial: Install Mac Os X Leopard() to iBook G4 without CD/DVD

First, the FireWire port can be used to boot from an external disk. Second, any Mac with FireWire can be booted into target disk mode by holding down the T key at boot time. Target disk mode transforms the Mac into an external hard disk, i. This is handy if you want to install a new OS in case your optical drive is gone and a number of other trouble shooting scenarios.

Apple and almost all 3rd parties do not release new updates anymore, but you can still download the latest versions from Apple. It is also significantly better supported by 3rd parties than Tiger. It has TimeMachine, a better Finder and Dock and better network integration. Base install is about 14GB fully updated and takes about one hour, updating another one. Often it may appear as if the machine is hung. Keep in mind you are running at minimum system requirements and be patient. Here are the latest versions available:.

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Tiger was considered by many to be the first really good OS X release. Apple does not provide new updates any more, but you can still update everything to the latest available. It looks and feels dated with brushed metal windows and bluish Aqua looks, but is quite usable. Some people claim that it runs faster than Leopard, but I cannot confirm that. Since the mini cannot run OS 9, Tiger is your only option to run those. You are running a software museum, enjoy the 90s. That said, "Classic" Mac OS has a lot of nice apps and especially relatively many games.

The Classic Environment does not support direct access to the hardware, so software that plays it dirty like a few games and utilities may not work - I did not encounter any. Here are the latest software versions you can run:. Installing multiple OSes, e. Gentoo, Debian and Debian derived distributions such as Ubuntu and Mint seem to have the best support. I tried several Ubuntu variants but did not get a single install to work right the first time.