Mac stuck on apple logo after update

Safe boot option attempts to repair any file system errors in the operating system. You may have a bad file system which will require an erase and reinstall. If you are able to get into safe boot make sure to do a time machine backup. Follow this guide to do it.

Fixed: Mac Won't Boot/Start After High Sierra Update

Turn it off and on while holding Option key. The option key will give you a cursor and options that look like hard drives on the screen.

MacBook Pro stuck at Apple logo startup - Apple Community

Option boot into Macintosh HD if you are able to if you are stuck on a screen that says Macintosh could not find the packages. See the photo below. Go to the recovery partition. This partition will allow you to reinstall the operating system if you are having issues. There are tools like disk utility to attempt to fix system errors.

Perform a Complete Shut Down

It could be that the life cycle of your battery is approaching an end, so its capacity begins diminishing rather quickly. This is especially true if your batteries are old. The batteries could drain themselves completely before your macOS is able to stop all processes and properly shut down. The more this happens, the more your MacBook is at risk of freezing during startup.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the scenarios which could lead to macOS issues, the obvious step to take would be to know the solutions to them. Disregarding what was said earlier, there are certain instances when force shutting your MacBook is the only way forward; like when none of the keys respond after a frozen screen. This is a guaranteed step to get you out of any sticky situation your macOS is in because it uses hardware the power button to shut down all software i. The reason for this is because sometimes, conflict arises in the macOS when certain peripherals are connected at the same time.

The mouse should be the only component still attached if its MacBook; for a Mac, only the mouse and keyboard should be connected. The safe mode is a safe boot feature primarily intended for troubleshooting purposes. It makes it possible for you to scan the disk and ascertain if there are any file system issues. The safe boot also provides a platform that permits rectification of the said issues. To do that, follow these steps:.

If you are not aware, your MacBook came with a very small amount of memory that ironically, plays a very large part in how well your system functions. Things like display resolution and sound volume make up these settings. There are capacitors affixed to the motherboard which always keep them active and functional. As useful as they both are, they can be corrupted too.

This entails pressing a few keys. Like so:. Your MacBook should be running normally again. It is primarily responsible for low-level functions on your computer. That much should be obvious, and resetting it can fix more issues than you would believe. Resetting it can fix several issues your MacBook may be having with cooling fans, light and power management problems, external display issues; the list goes on.

Simply put, resetting your SMC can tackle any general performance woes beating your system up, including a frozen screen. The tests determine what hardware component may be at fault and give appropriate solutions to them. When all else fails, you have to look elsewhere to solve your problems. Have you heard of a particular data recovery software that boasts unique features?

Features capable of getting back data regardless of the manner it was lost? The Recoverit Data Recovery software is diverse in function and effective in execution. It was designed to recover every possible data type with an emphasis on photos, music, audio, documents and more. This data recovery software is unique in its speed and efficiency to scan even corrupted drives.

It can also scan drives that suffered virus attacks or have had their files mistakenly deleted; the files inside a crashed drive can see the light of day again too. Jan 23, PM. Jan 25, AM in response to rahul In response to rahul Please tell later if they were able to find any solution for this issue? Have the same Imac, and teh same problem since yesterday!!! Jan 25, AM. Jan 28, AM in response to rahul In response to rahul Jan 28, AM. Jan 30, PM in response to rahul In response to rahul Jan 30, PM.

Feb 2, PM in response to adityafromfir In response to adityafromfir. Apple's recent updates really stink.

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I have been resisting High Sierra because I've heard so many negative things about it, but I decided to install a I try to ignore the constant nagging from Apple to upgrade on my desk top and on my iPhone, and from now on I will try harder. Feb 2, PM. Feb 3, AM in response to rahul In response to rahul I have the exact same issue since the time I installed or tried to install the recent High Sierra Update.

Feb 3, AM. Feb 3, AM in response to adityafromfir In response to adityafromfir. I've had a corrupted drive happen when my machine froze and I forced a power down. Before I do an OS update I make sure to back up. I have a bootable clone two actually since I'm paranoid , but a lot of people use Time Machine. A corrupted drive would have to be completely reformatted.

Feb 4, AM in response to rahul In response to rahul Worst update released. Can't even boot up, so I can't finish my university coursework! Thanks Apple for harrassing me to install this terrible update that has caused more than myself the same problem. Feb 4, AM.

Feb 8, AM in response to adityafromfir In response to adityafromfir. I had to take it in last time there was an update to reinstall is system. Feb 8, AM. Question: Q: Mac stuck on loading bar More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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Mac Won’t Start: Progress Bar is Stuck

I have tried re-installing high Sierra , SMC reset, disk repair but nothing seems to work. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Apr 28, PM in response to rahul In response to rahul I'm a very experienced Mac tech support consultant, yet I've been grappling with the "too many corpses" problem since yesterday.