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5 Best Free Apps for SAT and ACT Test Prep

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That’s why I engineered an online program delivering the only two things that matter:

ACT Prep. This app offers color and vivid imagery to keep you interested. Although this app is just a one-time use kinda deal, it's definitely worth the download!

Here's why! Designed by Gary Gruber, one of the leading test prep experts in the country, the app purports to gauge your readiness level for the SAT based on 18 questions that you answer. After completion, you'll receive problem-solving strategies you need to review and SAT sections that could use more work. Truthfully, it's not clear whether 18 questions can ascertain your future score in its entirety, but it certainly can give you a reference point for future prep. Share Flipboard Email.

Other SAT apps that are not so free, but still fantastic. The College Board. User Ranking: Faqden Labs.

5 Free SAT Apps Worth Downloading

In-depth professional assessment of you as a student and as an individual. It would cost well over a thousand dollars, if done independently by a trained professional at MAC or elsewhere.

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  • Five Free SAT Apps Worth Downloading.
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FREE snacks and drinks—and cable TV in a nurturing, stress-free, safe and fun home-like learning environment. We even have a place for you to wash up if you are coming from practice, returning to school for a special program, and the like, and need to clean up and change your clothing before leaving the center.

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There is also a terrific student lounge for your comfort and use. A complete listing of every college in the country that has whatever it is you want as your major—no matter how many potential majors you select—and expert in-house college and career counseling based on the findings of the above personal assessment. There is a separate fee for these professional workshop-related services. You can start at any time you wish and progress at your own pace.

5 Best Free Apps for SAT and ACT Test Prep

Finish whenever you have the scores you need to gain admission into the colleges you should reasonably be expected to gain entrance into and be accepted in the major s of your choice. A detailed program comparsion breakdown is located in the Quick Links to the left. If you do not have Adobe Reader, then please follow this link to download the latest version of Adobe Reader to install on your computer.

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