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But it's just true that if you decrease the amount of calories you are eating you're body doesn't have the fuel to create fat. I was really fortunate. I'm lucky I have the metabolism. It was really fun.

Remember Fat Mac From 'It's Always Sunny'? He's Jacked Now | Men's Health Magazine Australia

You know what the most fun was, was getting rid of any shred of vanity. Well you were talking about the theory that everybody gets better looking on TV as shows go on. And since you said that I thought about it … everybody gets trimmer, and, you know. Even the nerds on "Big Bang Theory" are getting better looking. Their clothes are getting nicer.

Fat Mac: Rob McElhenney Goes Into Graphic Detail About 'Sunny' Weight Gain

They're better groomed. It works for them. But this show — it's not like that. I want to be part of that conversation. Related Articles: Discover Thomson Reuters. Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. The Wrap. Tim Molloy. Before we get into it, a little background: The following discussion of every aspect of sudden weight gain gets very graphic. To gain the weight, you ate five 1,calorie meals a day. What were they? You look good. It's coming off. Do you miss it? I never felt lethargic. I felt great.

I felt f—-ing great. You felt like an American. Now, did you get fat man's dick? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Fat guy's dick. It's insane. It really is a very, very crushing psychological gain. Did it look like a penny with a button on the end? KROLL at left: I'm so happy that people might think that. Do you think you could get an Emmy for committing like this?

When did you decide to stop gaining and turn it around? And you've lost 23 pounds in a month? That's the most amazing part of this. No, not everybody. Oh, I got way used to it. And, I have never seen a sitcom in which the actors progressively got worse looking, which is, I think, truer to life, especially the lives that these characters lead. I thought that would be an interesting experiment, and it seems to be working out. Fuck no! When Rob first moved out to L. Now, he weighs He proved me wrong.

It will be interesting to see if he can return from the abyss. Just the gluttony of not having to think about it, and eating whatever I want. Not to mention the longer beard and the hair, and the whole thing. If you could insert yourself into another FX show, which one would it be and what mayhem would you bring? I think Vic Mackey coming into our bar and cracking skulls would be pretty interesting. They were actually fine.

Fat Mac Diet

It was the episode itself that got a little too expensive and we were over-reaching a little bit. What did you learn from doing more serialized storytelling last season, and will that carry over to this season at all? We did that when we brought Danny onto the show. In Season 2, we were forced to do that as well.

It was never something that we wanted to do, particularly, but introducing his character forced us to do it, and I think it was actually a lot of fun. We enjoyed it. Doing what we normally do, which is each individual episode being its own thing, is challenging, in a different way, because you have very little time to wrap everything up. I like both styles of storytelling. We definitely talked about whether or not we wanted to even do that.

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We went over a number of different things, and then eventually we decided that would be a challenge that would actually be more fun, to have her be pregnant. And, it also says nothing, too. We had an idea for Frank deciding that he wanted to lock this one whore down, so he would continue to pay her, but marry her. But, if Pretty Woman was real, what would really happen in that situation? We have an episode about a child beauty pageant, thrown at the bar.

The biggest challenge for that episode — and it took us a long time to lock into how we would do it — was figuring out why and how these characters end up throwing a pageant. So, we had to come up with something. And, we get kids because the kind of parents that put their children in these situations usually [are willing to do that].

Better than HALF PRICE!

All right, okay. Now that you guys are this far into the run of the show, has it been a challenge to find new things to put these people through? Season 2 was a challenge. The challenge is not coming up with concepts or ideas for what these characters can get into. The challenge is always building a good story around it and grounding it, in its own way. Obviously, the universe that these characters live in is a little bit heightened. So, coming up with a child pageant is one thing.