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You use it to tether your camera to your computer and transfer files into a folder that you set up. Then you set that folder as a watched folder for Lightroom to automatically import from. Its from Nikon and works great when you set it up with Lightroom. Plus, it supports Live View which is kinda cool. They have a very easy-to-follow manual and you can get a good idea of how it works from reading it takes about 2 minutes to read.

Interesting side-note: There also appears to be a script for viewing in Bridge as well. Software developers seem to recognize the need for tethered shooting and are coming out with new versions of their software to help out. Should be interesting to see where it goes in the future.

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One more thing. I am an instructor at an Arts College. Will this work with an Olympus E system camera? Or are there any Oly shooters with experience doing this? I have searched and may have missed this but cannot find that during tethered capture with Nikon that I can bring in images as DNG.

Canon EOS Utility - macOS Mojave 10.14 version of software not available

They come in as NEF. Guess that will be 3. Any help will be greatly appreciated. They recently released 1. I installed and immediately started running into problems. Connectivity with the camera is lost for no apparent reason every few frames, and sometimes the app simply crashes after the shot. I uninstalled 1. I sent an email to the developers, but in the meantime — I would suggest not to upgrade, or if you do and run into the same issue — to uninstall 1. My laptop is a 64 bit Windows Vista.

How to Download Canon EOS Utility

Guess what, Canon EOS utility does not support 64 bit windows systems and according to the folks I talked with at Canon there are no plans to develop one. Just read the tip abpout tethered shooting. Anyone shooting with Olympus out there I know, there are not too many of us but hey…. Works great with my E3s and does not cost a fortune. Pentax Remote Assistant 3. I really loved Sofortbild. It was incredibly easy to install just drop the icon in the App. We were having fun! I am pretty tech savvy, and it took me forever to figure out who to get the plug-in to start in Lightroom.

I sent an email, which I doubt I will ever get a response back. Is there a work around to speed things up???

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That put me on the hunt for an alternative for shooting tethered with Nikon and Mac. I found Mountainstorm Lightroom Studio Tether, and the studio tether part works great for me. When I take a photo with it enabled, the LR component causes studio tether to quit unexpectedly. Hey Matt, I posted about the sofortbild a little while ago after Scott told me about it. Something I have been gripping about in the Nikon world for quite some time. We ran a workshop the other day for Leaf users using LC11 running tethered in the background on a PC with Lightroom in the forground. Once set up the dual monitor set up in Leaf and the dual monitor set up in Lightroom worked seamlessly.

One could flick between each app or use either depending on your preference. Can you do any elaboration about how to get the speed up when shooting tethered? I stopped using LR because it takes too long and bogs up having to import from the watched folder. I also shoot with an active USB cable. My shooting speed is a bit faster because it is usually with models. Am I missing anything?

Last Updated : Aug Issue Number : I have read and understood the disclaimer below and wish to download the designated software. EOS Utility is an application that brings together all of the functions required to communicate with the camera.

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EOS Utility 2. Changes for EOS Utility 2. Display - Screen Resolution: x pixels or more - Colors; Approx. Confirm that one of the following applications is installed. Download euX. Save the euX. Double-click the EUX. After the file is decompressed, the EUX. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. After the installation is complete, the EOS Utility installer may ask to restart the computer.

In this case, restart the computer. If the installation is completed properly, the downloaded file and the EUOSX file will not be necessary. Canon reserves all relevant title, ownership and intellectual property rights in the Content. You may download and use the Content solely for your personal, non-commercial use and at your own risks.

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