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And thank God I'm not corrected on it often because this is the internet and nobody really knows from whence you hail ahem, "where you come from". Thanks Trebuchette! I actually ended up changing the title to the US spelling. I write in American English anyway, and inconsistency really grinds my gears. But you're right. Ize would be preferred. Thank you for the collection of templates. I won't use all of them no one would be expected to find every one of them useful , but I certainly appreciate the article and collection of spreadsheets, regardless of the dialect used by the writer!

Sorry for my fellow Yanks being too busy being prissy to be appreciative! Heh, thanks Craig, and thanks Mark for stirring a lively debate. I actually acquiesced and changed the title to the American spelling. Just because I write in American English, and consistency is good, mmkay? Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Thanks for sharing this Steve.

Hi Andrea, that sounds very nice. I always searching for such a template. Can you share it? Would you share your xls? It sounds like just the thing. My bad forgot to add the name of the tool, its Collatebox collatebox. Thought you could add on these to your lists. Thanks, Richard. Hey Richard, Thanks for your comment! It's really valued. I didn't create them myself.

I actually just got them from Vertex Great site!

Matt Hughes. Mark, Classy move on your part.. Heh, it was. Thanks for your comment Mark. You rock. Really appreciate all these free spreadsheets. Thanks for giving them to us! No worries Thom. Thanks for your comment! It went through. Thanks for your comment, Joe!

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You're welcome! Thanks for visiting, Laura! Thanks for your comment Ron! And we love you for it, Scott! Is Numbers the best application for this, and is there a template available?

Weekly Meal Planner - Excel Template

Posted on Jul 17, AM. Page content loaded. Jul 17, AM. I did a brief search for menu planners, and came up with none specifically for Numbers. Numbers is able to open Excel format files, so some of these may be useable directly, others may provide a base on which to build a specific Numbers document. Success of the translation of Excel files into Numbers documents depends on which features of Excel were used in the template, and that depends on what the template's designer wanted the template to do. Try an internet search for "weekly menu planner template" without the quotation marks , and check out a few of the templates you find.

We are going to take a small pit stop here for something much easier, a daily schedule.

Meal Planner and Menu PlannerTemplates

You may not tweak this as much as your to-do list and project tracker, but it is nice to have a map for your week. With a day job, my week is probably a bit more routine than most.

It might be even better just to create one as a log of what you are doing currently. Read More or more time to read MUO. Open another blank sheet, and clear out the headers and footers.

2. Project and To-Do List

Then hide the title again. Add a column to the right-hand side by clicking inside the sheet and dragging the column indicator to the right. Next fill the top right cell with a solid color.

Using the template

This gives us the basic shape for our chart. Next add the hours you are awake along the left column.

Get Organized with Excel Weekly Meal Planner

I went with AM to AM, but you may have a different schedule. Then fill in your activities, and you will have a picture of your week. Tweak it to find the right balance you are looking for. You can get a bit more granular and break it down to half-hours you will need to add some more rows of course. If your work days are predictable, you can fill in that time as well. My schedule is more for organizing my time when I am not at work, but you may want to focus on your 9-to A crucial step in getting organized is getting your finances in order 7 Great Financial Resolutions for , and How to Keep Them 7 Great Financial Resolutions for , and How to Keep Them If you choose the right resolutions, though, and use the right tools, you should be able to make a big positive difference in your finances this year.

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There are a few budgeting templates built into Numbers, but they all serve slightly different purposes. So it is probably best if we just start from another blank template. Create it, clear the header and footer, and then hide the title. Our budget is going to be different tabs, the basic breakdown of each paycheck.

The second tab is a list of the bills, and when they are paid. This budget assumes a weekly paycheck with similar payouts each week. You may need to tweak this a bit to make it fit your situation. Select the top line and fill with a solid color. Label these in the first column, and then put your figures in the second. To find what remains for personal spending, we are going to build our first formula.

We can then make a chart showing the spending breakdown by highlighting rows 3—7 and clicking Chart in the toolbar.

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  4. In the popover, select the pie chart you can change the color scheme of your chart by sliding to the right. The chart will appear under your spreadsheet, click and drag it up next to your data.

    Printable Meal and Menu Plans

    You should now see your types of spending broken down by percentage of your budget. To add our next set of data, we are going to add another tab. Click the plus sign in the toolbar to create a new sheet.