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While shared CDN services offered by providers, including Akamai Technologies, CenturyLink -- formerly Level 3 Communications -- and Limelight Networks, supply excellent content delivery services for a wide variety of enterprises, others find their requirements can be met only by implementing private CDNs that employ dedicated edge servers to handle the traffic load.

Content delivery networks accelerate web response by moving content closer to the end user. CDNs consist of an origin server at the site where web content is initially created and at a number of network edge servers at points of presence POPs throughout the internet. Servers are often in locations where networks interconnect to provide connections to multiple service provider networks. Edge servers may also be placed at POPs that offer access to a single service provider's network.

The initial user request for a page or file travels to an edge server that determines whether the requested page has been cached at the network edge. If not, the edge server then routes the user request to the origin site, which responds, sending the content back to the edge server and then on to the end user. The edge server caches commonly accessed pages and responds to subsequent user requests with cached content to reduce the load on the central site. The negative aspects of distributing content via a shared CDN are summed up in the word shared. A shared service maintains content for a wide variety of companies.

Subscribers share storage, network bandwidth and CPU cycles. Cache update algorithms are a compromise across varying subscriber requirements. Shared CDN services may not be a problem for businesses with static webpages, because storage requirements don't change rapidly, and relatively little network or processor load is required for adequate performance. Other types of web traffic place demands on server resources that can be met only by a private CDN, because its edge servers are completely dedicated to an individual company.

All configured storage, compute and network bandwidth resources are available when required.

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  • Private CDN services fill specific needs for some businesses.

Video is a good example. Video places strict requirements on server and network performance and has become the largest factor in the growth of private CDNs.

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A fraction-of-a-second delay in an online video will be apparent to a viewer. Private edge servers can be implemented with processors, storage and network components chosen to meet video's requirements. Software can be configured to support the functions required by video -- and only those functions. The need for data security is also a factor in the growth of private CDNs. Companies with strict security requirements may not feel confident placing data on a shared server. A private server can be configured with security components selected specifically to deal with the types of threats and level of security required by the firm's data.

Firms choosing private CDN services can determine where to place edge servers. Shared services often place servers in major cities where the most users are located.

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  7. Enterprises know if their customers are concentrated in a specific area, and multiple edge servers can be placed there to serve those customers, with minimal or no servers located in areas without customers. A combination that uses shared CDN providers' services along with a private service can be the best choice. A shared CDN service can support users in heavily populated areas, while private edge servers can be deployed in places where shared services have no POPs. A private edge server supporting an e-commerce site can cache pages describing products that are offered, of course.

    But, more importantly, it can terminate encrypted connections. After this, save the information and a console will pop up. Don't close this, minimize it. Next, open up your game and go to "join game" and search for your server. When you find it, click on the information and write down the IP address it has inside of it. Next, click "ok" and then click the bottom button to join with your server. After this, you will be finished creating a working server and your game will load.

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