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In most cases it's obvious enough what a device is designed to do, but what it's actually capable of doing depends on which Bluetooth 'profiles' it supports. If you want to use a device to play music, for example, it must support the A2DP profile used for oneway transmission of audio, which is designed specifically for music. For a guide to the profiles supported in Yosemite, do a search on the Apple support site. In order to use a Bluetooth device, you must first 'pair' it with your Mac.

To do this, Bluetooth must be enabled on your Mac, and the device in question must be switched on and in pairing mode which Apple calls 'discovery mode' on its devices. Many devices go into this mode on startup, but in any case the device's instructions will tell you how to put it into this mode.

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On an Apple Wireless Keyboard, for example, you hold the power button for a few seconds. Pairing often involves entering a short code on either or both of the devices; again, check a device's documentation to confirm how to do it. Note that pairing isn't the same as connecting. Pairing happens once and authorises the Mac and Bluetooth device to communicate with each other, but that doesn't mean that they are connected. They'll work together only when they're connected.

Connection normally happens automatically when the Bluetooth device is switched on and within range of the Mac.

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This means you can, for example, pair your MacBook to an external keyboard at home and another at work, and it'll connect to the relevant one when it's within range. As mentioned, you can connect several Bluetooth devices to your Mac.

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While a single Bluetooth device can be connected simultaneously to multiple Macs or indeed PCs, iPhones or iPads , this will likely cause confusion: best unpair the device from one before using it with another. For ease of setting up, it's handy to have the Bluetooth menu visible in your Mac's menu bar. The icon will now appear among the group to the right of the menu bar. Let's start by pairing an input device to your Mac. Make sure the kit is switched on and in pairing mode.

If it's an Apple keyboard, mouse or trackpad that isn't currently paired to anything else, it'll enter pairing mode almost as soon as you switch it on, indicated by a blinking light.

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Now click the Bluetooth menu bar icon and select Open Bluetooth Preferences… You'll now be able to see a list of Bluetooth devices that can be paired with your Mac. If nothing appears, double-check that the device is in pairing mode and that it's positioned close enough to your Mac within 10m. Once you've found the device you want, click on the Pair button to its right. If it's a keyboard, you'll be asked to type in a code on the keyboard as a security measure. Do this and hit the Return key on your leyboard. Note that you'll need to do this fairly quickly or the device may leave pairing mode.

Once it's paired, you may be asked to identify the keyboard's layout so that it'll work properly — the Keyboard Setup Assistant will guide you through this. Once you've gone through this, you'll be returned to the Bluetooth preferences. Remove all devices. You've found a serial number we don't know yet! Model Name: Choose a model name Processor: Choose a processor Power ARM 1. Mx6 SoloLite 1. Display: Choose a display Model Number: Choose a model number Sales Number: Choose a sales number Machine Number: Choose a machine number Please Note This feature is not for troubleshooting or customer support questions.

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