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He mentioned it, but I could never understood what it was, nor could find something to download and then try to figure out how to get things to work together. I will see if I can find what you guys suggest, a Win emulator. I know nothing about what it is or can do. Is a plug in like this available for Firefox? It runs Windows inside it, and thus can run Windows apps in the VM.

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How capable they are depends on what version of the Mac OS you are running. I do not know if it will work with the scanner programming software you want to use. I did use Crossover Linux for a while on a Linux computer, but never tried scanner programming because I still have an old laptop running Windows 98 that has a serial port. Another option would be buying an inexpensive used Windows laptop that has a serial port just for the purpose of programming scanners.

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You don't have to look very far to find them for less than the cost of some of the scanner programming software. The Mac operating systems that run on those Macs also have BootCamp which will allow you to set up Windows to dual boot if you do not want the hassle of setting up the Virtual Machine software. It must require a driver then. Does the driver come with the cable? Jay Original Message From: pro92 yahoogroups. Thanks Bruce Post message: pro92 yahoogroups. And also TTL logic level conversion. You don't normally need the driver, though. It's a standard driver, and the one that comes with the cable is old.

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I have search the web and played with the win software. Thanks Bruce. Dave Reingold. When you plug the cable in, it will be recognized as a comm port.

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Groups Links. Let's see if I understand this correctly; you have a Mac. Groups Links [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]. If it only has a Serial cable then you will need a USB-Serial adapter that will work in whatever version of Windows you use since Macs do not have old fashioned serial ports. Some USB-serial adapters don't work in bit Windows 7 or 8 or need updated drivers, make sure yours does, it will say so on the packaging.

Some scanners such as the older Unidens come with serial cables but have an optional USB cable. Get the USB cable. While it is really just a USB to Serial adaptor built-in to the cable, it is well supported by most scanner programs. Most current model scanners come with USB connections built-in. If not you will need one. It basically allows users of Unix based operating systems which includes MacOS For those Linux users out there, you probably already know how to make a Windows program work in Linux or have an alternate computer around to run them.

What version of Windows do I need? Once you find your Windows computer, be it a Mac, netbook or otherwise, you may have to decide what version of Windows to install. If you have an older Windows machine already with Windows XP on it then you might as well stay with that. XP was available for a long time and works well with almost all radio applications. There are a few older applications that are written for DOS that might have some issues but you can usually work around that in XP.

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  • If you buy new however you might not be able to chose your version or Windows. Most new computers come with Windows 10 these days, it is next to impossible to find new equipment with older operating systems anymore. Windows 7 computers are still occasionally found on store shelves and works great with most radio programs.

    Windows 8 and 10 are a bit tricky sometimes but many of the issues that befell radio users with Windows 8 have been fixed in newer versions. Aside from some driver issues it seems to work fine for most radio programs. For Mac users if you decide to upgrade? This basically affects things like how much memory can be recognized and how memory is managed among other more technical stuff.

    While there is a bit version of Windows XP, chances are you would never have seen it at home or work.

    Programming a Handheld Model of the Uniden Bearcat Scanner

    Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have embraced bit computing much more than XP ever did, The Pro and Home Premium bit versions are pretty easy to obtain on recently made computers. Windows 10 is almost always If you are running a bit version of Windows 7 or 8 make sure that your radio or programming cable has bit capable drivers or you will have to monkey around with settings to make it work.

    This is true whether you are running Windows on a dedicated machine or with a virtualization program. Added any detected Radio ID to log file entries, log window entries, and. WAV file names. The "too many frequencies" message that appears is now based on unique frequencies, not just "all selected" frequencies. Web Import now remembers the last country and state selected.

    When pressed, they'll bring up the Windows common "color dialog", from which you can choose the associated LED color. Note that while you can select millions of colors, the scanner's LED is a bit limited in its steps. The button face will show a rough approximation of the actual color that will be shown on the scanner's LED, which may not quite match what you selected in the dialog.

    This is primarily intended for grabbing alpha tags for TGRPs that have been "auto-created" in Win's monitoring, or "Stored" from a wildcard on the scanner. The separate WinRemoteClient app has all the features that were in Win, and more. It will display your registration information. Added Remote Client app to main Win ZIP distribution file. Client app: changed bandwidth indicator to bits-per-second from bytes-per-second Client app: added display of amount of buffered data.

    Useful for 'bad' Internet connections. Added "Audio Input Device" selection to Configuration menu. Use this if the Windows default wave input is not the device where you've connected the scanner's headphone output.