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Do you have boxes full of photos in a drawer? Use VueScan to get them on your computer, and off your to-do list.

How to Scan on a Mac using the Image Capture App!

VueScan is the ultimate tool for all your film and slide scanning needs. My scanner, though perfectly good mechanically, had been orphaned heading into Windows 7. VueScan brought it back into use, and the new version for Windows 10 carried that on. The application is excellent.

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The same settings are used for all the pages in the feeder. If pages need different settings for example, some are grayscale and some are color , scan them in different groups. Set scanning options. You may need to click Show Details to see all the available options.

You can choose any of the following:. If you choose a folder, the items are stored in that folder.

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If you choose an app, the items are opened with that app. Adjust the colors or exposure of the scanned image: Choose Manual from the Image Correction pop-up menu, then adjust the controls. With a flatbed scanner, you can scan multiple smaller images at once, store each image in its own file, and straighten any images that were crooked on the bed during scanning. If you scan an image that has lots of white space, the scanner may import it as more than one scanned image. A preliminary scan determines what items are on the scanner bed.

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It allows you to scan directly to any cloud service like Dropbox, Google drive, or any file or folder of your choice. The scanner not only scans your photos but can scan your documents as well.


All in all, this is a robust machine and if you are looking for a fast, reliable and high quality sheetfed option, then this is one of the best photo scanners for Mac. Learn about sheetfed scanners here. The scanner can scan photos, sketchbooks, artwork, documents, business cards, or different size of paper formats easily. Doxie flip comes with software for managing your workflow. You can scan and share them online or save in a cloud service. The scanner offers useful features like Auto Stitch for artwork that cannot be scanned in one piece.

Doxie Flip is a great photo scanner with many useful features. As far as portability goes, this is among the best photo scanners for Mac.

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Epson V is a basic option for your photo scanning needs. It can scan negatives, 35mm films , slides or photos. The scans can be saved to the cloud service of your choice. The scanner comes with Archsoft Scan-n-stitch option for scanning oversized pictures or artwork. The friendly user interface makes the process of scanning easy for you. You can scan albums, artwork, or 3D objects.

The lid is wide enough and can even be remained open for adjusting the albums or 3D objects. The scanner can also fix the faded colors or perform other editing tasks as well. This is fairly affordable option. However, beyond that, if you have negative films to scan, then this is one of the best photo scanners for Mac. Learn about how to scan negatives using a Flatbed Scanner. The basic criterion is, of course, to look for a scanner that is compatible with the Mac system as well as windows. The flatbed offers great quality and has some specialized features for photo scanning.

Scanning from your printer to your Mac made easy

ADFs are good if you have a lot of photos to digitize. A photo scanner with high resolution and Dmax offers great picture quality and captures the fine details from the original picture. Photo scanner comes with the latest technology for fixing your scans. Speed of a scanner becomes a deciding factor if you have a lot of scanning need. You can choose an automatic feeder too if you have a lot of photos to scan.

Also, see a scanner you are choosing can deal with all size of papers too.